XM for Uganda: Six Years of Charity Work

Since 2017, when XM initiated the first humanitarian actions to help Ugandan children in need, a series of charity events have followed, each dedicated to shaping a brighter future for the less fortunate.

Recently, we had the opportunity to welcome Father Antonios Mutyaba at the XM head office in Cyprus, a truly admirable local priest from the Wakiso district of Uganda, to celebrate our fruitful cooperation and plan our next charity work together. Our first joint action with Father Antonios in 2017 was followed by many more, expanding our humanitarian work to help an ever-growing number of Ugandan children and create equal opportunities for all.

In the past many years, XM has built strong bonds with Father Antonios, who single-handedly ran an orphanage in the Wakiso district to feed, educate and nurture over 400 children. Since then, XM has contributed to the construction and further development of a school building; raised and donated money to the Wakiso local orphanage; as well as joined forces with the charity organisation Loving Hands to support further schools and the education of even more children across Uganda.

Building a brighter world for the generations to come is what we believe in at XM — and this is only possible to achieve with people as devoted to lifelong charity work as Father Antonios.

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