Join Our Seminars with Tradepedia CEO in Africa

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In September and October 2022, we will host a series of free must-attend seminars with Tradepedia founder and CEO Avramis Despotis. He will present the topic Gold Trading Essentials in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to learn from a brilliant analyst and world-class trading educator!

Book your seat for one of the seminars:

  • Gaborone, Botswana, 24 September
  • Harare, Zimbabwe, 28 September
  • Windhoek, Namibia, 1 October

Attendees will learn gold trading best practices and expert technical analysis techniques for finding the best trading opportunities. Additionally, they will be able to participate in the Lucky Draw with valuable prizes and get a 100%* deposit bonus up to $500.

We invite all XM clients to join us and boost their gold trading journey. See you at our seminars!

*T&Cs apply.

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XM Hosted Forex Seminar in Da Nang

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Shortly after a forex seminar organised in Ho Chi Minh City, XM staff members continued their way to Da Nang on 13th August, offering local traders an educational event with free attendance.

Numerous new and existing clients showed interest in joining the seminar titled Efficient Trading Strategies hosted by market expert Lu Huu Duy, whose aim was to equip traders with techniques to increase profitability and minimise risk exposure.

Lu Huu Duy also dedicated considerable time to explaining guests about trading styles and individual trading routines, as well as about why trading psychology plays such a vital role in making trading decisions.

We were pleased to reconnect with our clients in person, and we would like to thank each of them for having chosen this opportunity to learn more about forex trading practices.

As our exclusive seminar series continues in Vietnam, we invite you to join our upcoming educational event by clicking here.

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Germany to give energy essentials priority by rail if Rhine disruption worsens

Aug 14, 2022 at 12:57 pm GMT

BERLIN, Aug 14 (Reuters) – Germany plans to give the transportation of materials and equipment essential for energy production priority on the country’s rail networks should water levels on the Rhine fall further and hamper shipping by river, a draft decree shows.

DB Netz, the rail network arm of railway operator Deutsche Bahn , has already rejigged usage conditions to give preference to trains carrying mineral oil products and hard coal for power generators as Germany tackles an energy crisis.

“The aim is to ensure the ongoing operations of power stations, refineries, electricity grids and other system-relevant infrastructure,” said the draft drawn up by the transport and economy ministries and seen by Reuters.

It also referred to gas and transformer equipment for power production and transmission to be given priority over passenger services and other industrial requirements.

Germany’s government cabinet has to approve the provisional legislation that would be limited to six months, the draft said.

Water levels on the Rhine are low because of unusually hot and dry weather, making it impossible for many vessels to navigate the critical shipping route fully laden.

This has coincided with a shortage of gas for power stations, heating and industrial processes due to reduced

Russian exports has led to temporary switches by operators back to more coal and oil usage.

“We need extraordinary measures to ensure supply security,” economy minister Robert Habeck in a statement.

An important reference waterline level at the chokepoint of Kaub WL-KAUB near Koblenz stood at 34 centimetres at midday (1000 GMT) on Sunday, 3 cm lower than the same time on Saturday.

Kaub hit 25 cm at one point in 2018.
Reporting by Andreas Rinke and Vera Eckert; Editing by Alexander Smith

XM for Uganda: Six Years of Charity Work

Since 2017, when XM initiated the first humanitarian actions to help Ugandan children in need, a series of charity events have followed, each dedicated to shaping a brighter future for the less fortunate.

Recently, we had the opportunity to welcome Father Antonios Mutyaba at the XM head office in Cyprus, a truly admirable local priest from the Wakiso district of Uganda, to celebrate our fruitful cooperation and plan our next charity work together. Our first joint action with Father Antonios in 2017 was followed by many more, expanding our humanitarian work to help an ever-growing number of Ugandan children and create equal opportunities for all.

In the past many years, XM has built strong bonds with Father Antonios, who single-handedly ran an orphanage in the Wakiso district to feed, educate and nurture over 400 children. Since then, XM has contributed to the construction and further development of a school building; raised and donated money to the Wakiso local orphanage; as well as joined forces with the charity organisation Loving Hands to support further schools and the education of even more children across Uganda.

Building a brighter world for the generations to come is what we believe in at XM — and this is only possible to achieve with people as devoted to lifelong charity work as Father Antonios.

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